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What is Memorycare?

Memorycare is a multidisciplinary mental healthcare practice offering specialist psychiatric services for people over the age of 16 years. We pride ourselves in our uniquely systemic and collaborative approach to diagnosis, treatment and care planning for individuals and families who experience a variety of mental healthcare challenges.

Memorycare  was initially established by Dr Ryan Fuller who retuned to South Africa in 2010 having specialized in old age psychiatry in London. He was astounded to learn that in the Gauteng region, a metropolis of over 10 million people, there were no dedicated memory clinics. He was keen to establish a truly unique Memory Clinic model using established principles that underpin health quality excellence. A particular need in South Africa quickly became apparent given the fragmentation of services and lack of family structure.

Dr Lolita Mostert, a specialist adult psychiatrist, joined the practice in 2015 thereby extending the Memorycare model of treatment to general adults and no longer just elderly individuals.  We believe that treating common psychiatric conditions such as bipolar mood disorder, depression, anxiety and substance abuse from a multidisciplinary and systemic framework allows us to provide better clinical outcomes and excellence in care.

The motto “to be with” reminds us of the need for quality relationships at a distressing time when people are often alone.

“When you don’t understand how everything works, you must rely on the people who work for you and collaborate with peers. Whether or not you have worked together before, you have to work together now to get better every day and to continue to make progress every day”. – Steve Jobs

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