Community Nursing

We are fortunate to have the services of two dedicated psychiatric nurses that provide home based assessment and care based on patient needs.

Registered Nurses in Private Practice working in the Community provide the following specialised services:

  • Home Visits, Crisis intervention, family support and Care Coordination for persons and their families with Dementia and Frailty Syndrome, as well as Psychiatric difficulties.
  • Clinical risk assessment in the situation and providing recommendations and guidance for treatment including cognitive and sensory stimulation as well as care options for the person suffering from the symptoms
  • Connecting the family with the appropriate GP, Geriatric Specialist, Home Nursing Service and other specialised health professionals for either specialised medical /psychological/social assessment, treatment and intervention to support the patient and his/her family on the difficult journey of Memory loss, Dementia and/or Psychiatric illness.
  • Specialised Training to all levels of professionals and Caregivers to upskill them in caring for persons with difficulties such as memory loss, depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment aggressive behaviour and Dementia.

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