Cindy Kaschula

Cindy Kaschula

Occupational Therapist

A Little Bit About Cindy

I am a passionate mother of two and wife who puts high value on family time.  In my free time I enjoy to be creative and attend culture events with family and friends.  It’s not just the arts and culture sphere that gets me excited as I also enjoy being active, staying fit while boxing or tackling the hills of various cycling races.

Over time I have learned the true value of quality of life and strive to maintain a balance between work and personal life

Why I Became an Occupational Therapist

When I started studying I also answered the generic ‘I want to help people’ when asked why Occupational Therapy.  Every year I realised more the true meaning of help and how that can come in all shapes and sizes.  Occupational Therapy gives me the opportunity to spend meaningful time with clients as well as their families.   I truly discovered the importance of occupation in people’s lives, including my own.  I am fascinated how people function physically, mentally and emotionally and how important it is not to isolate these aspects and look at our clients holistically.   Occupational Therapy embraces the mind-body- environment connection more than any other field, and actually uses that understanding to systematically help people achieve their goals.  Occupational therapy has given me the opportunity to improve my skill set and continues to challenge me physically, emotionally, mentally and intellectually.

My Interests and Focus Areas

I have a passion for working with adults and elderly clients.  My special interests are neurological disorders, geriatric care, cognitive rehabilitation and psychiatric rehabilitation.

Furthermore I enjoy addressing any home adaptations and issuing of assistive devices for my clients.  Effective recommendations, adaptations and assistive devices should increase and/or maintain our client’s independence in their daily living tasks.  My focus would also be to design an individualized stimulation or treatment program and to ensure that our clients maintain their social involvement by exploring resources within the community.

I have completed several ‘functional fitness to drive’ courses and can assist clients with Functional Capacity assessments.  My experience in vocational rehabilitation allows me to also recommend reasonable accommodations within a work/life environment


Previous Experience

I have experience working in the public sector under the Free State department of Health and have worked in the private sector since 2011.  I have been managing my own private practice since 2015.  My practice vision is to nurture the hope of a meaningful life for all people and communities, together taking action against dysfunction, disability and limitations and thus promoting participation in everyday living.

I work within a multi-disciplinary team at Headway Gauteng. It is here that I have gained valuable experience in group therapy. Being part of the Memory Care team at Akeso Clinic, has allowed me to gain experience in geriatric care, as well as the treatment of psychiatric conditions.  I co-manage a geriatric group therapy programme called THRIVE

Credentials and Training

  • Bachelors of Occupational Therapy from Stellenbosch University (2009)
  • Workwell Trained (2012)
  • LSVT BIG Certified Clinician (completion in process)

I am an active member of the following professional associations:

  • Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA)
  • Medical Protection Society (MPS)
  • Southern African Neurological Rehabilitation Association (SANRA)


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