Lolita Mostert

Dr Lolita Mostert

Specialist Psychiatrist

Why I Became a Psychiatrist

Psychiatry brings fulfillment in two areas of my life, which I truly love and have great passion for, namely Medicine and Spirituality.

Throughout my career, I have always been fascinated by the brain, how it controls tangible bodily functions on the one hand, but also intangible aspects like emotions and thoughts.

The meaning of the word psychiatry is ‘medical treatment of the soul’ and to me this is such a beautiful description of my profession, but often overlooked.  A Psychiatrist is expected to treat the physiological/biological aspect of the disorder, but the mind aspect is often neglected.

My Interests and Focus Areas

A disease process has 6 stages, which are mainly caused by imbalances in our minds and/or bodies.  Patients most often present to the medical practitioner by the time the disease or disorder is in the final stage, where the only treatment we can offer is to prescribe medication to alleviate the symptomatology. I do not assume that everyone I see needs medication, although medication is an important, and often necessary part of treatment.  I focus on the process and journey that got the patient to where they are at the time they present to me. If we can intervene earlier in the disease process, chronic pathological conditions can be controled or prevented, and we will have the best chance on recovery.


Previous Experience

During my psychiatric training, I worked in the Psychotherapy and Personality disorder unit at Tara.  I also have extensive experience in psychotic disorders, mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder) as well as anxiety disorders. 

I have a special interest in the neuropsychiatric disorders (dementia) and geriatric psychiatry.

I have worked in a multi-disciplinary team since the beginning of my psychiatric career and believe that there is no other way to assist with psychiatric problems.  The team approach has proven to bring the best quality service to the patient.


Credentials and Training

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees (Medical Doctor) Stellenbosch 2003
  • Fellowship of the College of Psychiatrists of South Africa (FC Psych)
  • Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine Degree (currently in training at Maharishi International University USA)

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