Urvashi Mangalal

Ms Urvashi Maganlal


A Little Bit About Urvashi

As the daughter of an ex-Radiographer and retired Social Worker, I spent much of my childhood living in various cities in South Africa before my public service parents found roots in Johannesburg.  I started my career in the Chemical/Biochemical world and spent almost 20 years in the business management and creative space of Fragrances and Flavours.  While I left the industry in 2010, new flavours are still exciting to me and as such I have an affinity for experimental vegetarian cooking and appreciate the emotive properties of perfumery.  I enjoy spinning for exercise and have recently taken to walking too.  When I can, I love to read – a childhood delight.  I have two lovely daughters whom I dote on and love to listen too – they are wiser beyond their years.

Why I Became a Neuropsychologist 

Neuropsychology was a second career and came at a time when I believed I had achieved all that I needed to in my previous career.  I started studying Psychology for interest while I ran a small marketing consulting company and was fascinated by the growth and advances in Neuroscience and its impact in the world outside of medicine (economics, linguistics, marketing etc).  Yet it was its integration into the humanities that attracted me the most   I always thought that there was some higher purpose to what I was meant to do and initially I entered the field hoping to both learn more and discover my own path.  Neuropsychology appeared to bridge the divide between the psychological and medical (mind and body) and my own beliefs in non-dualistic thinking – the yin and yang of my parents, the merging of science and the humanities.  I love what I do and enjoy working with the people I meet – it is not ‘emotionally’ easy work, but certainly ‘emotionally’ fulfilling.  It is the type of work I see myself doing well into my own twilight years.

My Interests and Focus Areas

Since 2015, I have been working with and assessing people across the age spectrum using clinical and standardised neuropsychological assessment tools.  A significant portion of assessments I do are conducted with adults afflicted with neurocognitive, neurodegenerative disorders and or head-injuries.   I tend to focus on neuropsychological assessments following head injury, cerebrovascular attacks or other neurological incidents for clinical and for medico-legal purposes. Capacity and risk (health and safety) are important outcomes from such assessments.  These assessments are also used in Insurance or for curatorship purposes as well as in accident/disability claims.  In addition to the evaluation of emotional & neurocognitive functioning or the option of collaborative therapeutic neuropsychological assessments, I also provide psychoeducation, individual support to aid management and psychotherapy (with an integrative orientation).   


Previous Experience

Clinical Psychologist (in Community Service) at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital Psychiatry/Psychology Department.   I also spearheaded the facilitation, liaisons, and co-operations with public service bodies such as the Mental Health Directorate, the Department of Education and CHBAH Hospital Board amongst others to promote mental health to the population in the CHBAH catchment area at that time.

Intern Clinical Psychologist at the Community Clinics (Central Johannesburg region).  Specific duties included Full Neurocognitive and Psychological assessments (as and when needed), individual therapy and family therapy as required.  I also initiated various group therapy ventures including the ‘Antenatal Attachment Group’ at Lenasia South Clinic as well as a Careworker’s Support Group (Meadowlands Clinic).

Intern Clinical Psychologist: Child and Adolescent Psychology at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

Credentials and Training

  • I am an HPCSA dual registered Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist, MA (Neuropsychology), Wits University.
  • I am a credentialed full member of the South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association (SACNA), ex-Regional Chair of the Gauteng region of SACNA (2016-2018), recently elected SACNA executive member and current SACNA representative on the HPCSA Ethics Working Group Committee.
  • I am also a full member of PsySSA (the Psychological Society of South Africa)

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